With household budgets tightening everywhere, we often reach for the cheaper generic brands of items. In most cases this is fine; items such as groceries or even clothes that are cheaper and imported from overseas, work out to be just as good as the more expensive options. However, there are cases in which buying cheap imports does not work out in our favour.

Many choices in kitchens

When considering kitchens you realise there are a great many options to choose from and this includes the cheaper versions from overseas. The cost of kitchen renovation is no joke, and, depending on your personal tastes, the price can be either higher or lower than you imagined.

So the final price you end up paying relies somewhat on the choices you make and these choices should not be made lightly. While it may be tempting to go for the imported cheaper version, this may not be the cheaper or better choice in the long run. When it comes to your kitchen, choosing quality is of the utmost importance and this quality needs to come with a guarantee.

Don’t settle for less

It’s a fact that the more expensive options in kitchens will certainly look a lot classier than the cheap imports and some of you may find yourselves thinking, “But for the price of the cheap import, the kitchen doesn’t look that bad”. But the truth is, if it’s really cheap it’s been made cheaply. Wouldn’t you rather spend the extra money on a kitchen that really does look classy, not cheap, and that is well made?

Cheap now, expensive later

Yes, in the first instance, you can be saving yourself a good amount of money, but if the items are cheaply made, consider how long they will last or and if they can withstand kitchen use and abuse. What you save now in buying cheap imports you could end up spending later in repairs or replacements.

Here’s why you don’t buy cheap imported kitchens. They won’t be as durable as good quality kitchens and when it comes to kitchens, everything in them needs to be sturdy and built to last. The only option if you want a good quality kitchen that stands the test of time is to buy quality guaranteed Australian made kitchens.

What is used in the manufacturing stage?

Often with cheap imported items, the manufacturing process and the products used may not be as stringent. This will not be true of all parts that are to be included in a kitchen but there is every chance that some woods can be treated with harmful and toxic substances in order to prolong the life of the wood and some paints and coatings may be harmful also. When an item is manufactured in Australia, our processes are more stringent and there is more caution adhered to when using chemical products that could be potentially harmful to our bodies.

Last but not least

Buying Australian made kitchens not only guarantees quality for you, it guarantees the money you spend stays here, which is better for our economy.